Martinelli’s Commitment to Social Justice

Like the rest of the country, Martinelli’s is frustrated, and very concerned that systemic racism and injustice has continued too long. As a 152-year old American company, it is our responsibility to stand up for the values of social justice in the communities we serve to include Black, Latino, Asian, Indigenous and other ethnicities, as well as all genders including LGBTQ populations. None of what we hold most dear – our families, our employees, and our community – are safe if we stand idle in the face of ignorance and oppression that is present in our society.

As a company based in Watsonville, CA, which has an 82% Hispanic population, it is crucial that we address the impact of racial injustice in all ethnic communities. Although Martinelli’s has a diverse team of employees, who have always been treated with dignity, respect and appreciation, we recognize that we can do more. We will continue to learn and evaluate our role as a leader in the juice industry and make the following commitments:

Engage: Martinelli’s will include our farmers, suppliers, employees, customers, and community in the dialogue so we can create a more diverse and integrated environment from the orchard, to the bottle, to the hands of our consumers.

Learn: Martinelli’s will be a more inclusive company, and we will accelerate efforts to increase diversity to reflect the community in which we are based, and the nation we seek to serve. We will improve our internal training and education to counter potential biases that impact hiring, performance evaluations, and promotions.

Act: Working with our partners in Watsonville, including the Second Harvest Food Bank and Salud Para La Gente, Martinelli’s will continue to invest in our community to fight food insecurity, educational disparity, and the lack of quality healthcare options for the most vulnerable among us. We will also evaluate how we can support minority-owned businesses in our supply chain and network of partners on whom we depend to make and to distribute our products nationally. We have also joined the OSC2TM J.E.D.I CollaborativeTM, a non-profit platform for action to transform the natural products and food industry to be just, equitable, diverse and inclusive.

At Martinelli’s, we will hold ourselves to the highest standards and we must aspire to set an example for others to follow. The fight for social justice lies with all of us, and it is our responsibility to proactively embody the change that so clearly is still needed. We are committed to do better every day.

August 13, 2020