Pine needles. They get everywhere. If you’re going with a live tree for your holiday décor, you’ll inevitably find some rogue needles scattered across your floor, no matter how large your tree skirt is.

Here are some tools to help you out with this sticky situation:


Bust out your trusty vacuum and suck those pine needles up! Do a general clean around the vicinity of the tree with your vacuum. It might not get every pine needle, but it’ll get a lot of them.

Rubber Broom

The best way to pick up pine needles from the floor (carpet or hard) is to use a rubber broom to sweep up the remaining needles. You’ll notice that it’s quicker than the vacuum. Try short strokes to build up a strong static charge. The broom is flexible, so it’ll get into every nook and cranny of your floor.

Duct tape

If you don’t have either of the above tools at home, grab a strip of duct tape, wrap it around your hand (sticky side out), and start gathering the needles. Think of it as a makeshift lint roller.

Now sit back with a glass of Martinelli’s apple juice and relish in the satisfaction of a floor free of pine needles and a job well done.