Have some old Hanukkah gelt lying around? Grab those coins, some string, and a hot glue gun and make a festive DIY garland out of it! It’s perfect to string along a mantle or hang from your ceiling. Here’s what you need to make a Gelt Garland:


  1. Start a few inches from the end of the string and begin by gluing two coins back-to-back, with the string in between.
  2. Space each coin arrangement unevenly (it’s fine!) along the string.
  3. Continue as desired.

Once you have the string of coins complete, string them across a mantle or try hanging them from a doorway or as a chandelier above the dining table!

We also like to think that it’s a nice backdrop for some Martinelli’s cider. Reminds us of the gold color of our juices (wink wink). And in case you didn’t know, all of our products are Kosher.

Idea inspired by designmegillah.