Every year around the holidays, you tell yourself that you’re going to fix those broken string of lights. It’s simple, they say. It only takes a minute, they say. But every year, you lose sense of time and it’s already St. Patrick’s Day. Well, we’ll be the voice of whoever ‘they’ is and give you a Quick Fix tip on how to mend those pesky string lights once and for all. No more excuses.

Scenario 1: Only some lights are dark

Try plugging the lights in to reveal the bad bulb. It might just be easy as that. Replace the bad bulb with a new one that fits the voltage.

Scenario 2: My entire string is out.

Your fuse may be out. Unplug your lights and try opening the fuse case – the plastic box attached to the prongs that holds one or two tiny fuses.

Next, check the fuse and see if it’s black or opaque. If so, it needs to be replaced.

Carefully remove the blown fuses with a tool, such as a thin screwdriver.

Next, look for a spare fuse that usually comes with your lights. If you’ve lost the box in the midst of the holiday shuffle, take the blown fuse to your local electronics store and ask for the exact replacement. It’s important that the replacement fits the voltage.

Pop the new fuse in the slots and close the plastic cover. Plug in the lights to see if this fixes the problem. If it does, pop open a bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Juice and continue on your merry way!

For more a more intricate fix tips, check out Popular Mechanics’ guide on fixing string lights.