It’s cold outside, and you and your kiddos are stuck in the great indoors. Thankfully, you went on a crafts shopping trip recently in preparation for this very day. You also have several empty Martinelli’s apple juice glass bottles that are ready to be upcycled for a DIY project!

This activity gets your hands messy in the best way possible as you build a miniature snowman. To start, grab two black buttons to form the eyes. Using orange air-dry clay, mold a carrot-shaped nose and set aside to dry. Once ready, use a glue gun to attach the nose and two buttons to the outside of the empty glass bottle to form the snowman’s face.

Next, take a sponge brush to apply a goopy coat of decoupage glue on the outside of the bottle. The goopier the better! As you apply the faux snow on the outside, the uneven layering of the decoupage glue will provide a nice fluffy effect.

Now it’s time to make it snow! Dust on a generous layer of faux snow on the outside of the bottle. Set aside to dry.

Finally, either replace the cap and use your new upcycled snowman as winter décor, or leave it off and use him as a festive vase!

Happy crafting!