This Easter, the bunny will not only show up at your door but on the coffee table, too! Using a 10oz Martinelli’s glass apple juice bottle, you can make an adorable Easter Bunny in just a few steps.

How to Make Easter Bunny Bottles

Empty a delicious bottle of Martinelli’s Apple Juice, grab your paint, get some pipe cleaners and celebrate a sparkling Easter!

Step 1: Remove

Enjoy a delicious 10oz bottle of Martinelli’s Apple Juice, then remove the label by soaking the bottle in warm water.

Step 2: Spray

In a ventilated area and with the spray can 6-12 inches from the bottle, completely coat it using short bursts. Ensure the paint is dry before moving onto the next step.


Step 3: Design

With the pink craft paint, brush a small, heart-shaped nose at the center of the bottle.Switch to the black fine point Sharpie, and-using the nose as a guide-complete the face with whiskers and eyes.


Step 4: Fold

Use three light-colored pipe cleaners as the outer ear, and fold all of them in half. Using one dark-colored pipe cleaner as the inner ear, leave a one-inch tail at the bottom and fold the rest in half.

Step 5: Bend and Twist

With the flat surface as a guide, arrange the outer ear pipe cleaners around the inner ear pipe cleaner in a rainbow shape. Flatten down the ear with your palm, and twist the ends together. Remember to leave an inch at the bottom. Repeat Steps 4 through 6 for the other ear.

Step 7: Fasten

Twist the extra inch of pipe cleaner from the previous step around the remaining two light-colored pipe cleaners, keeping the ears about an inch apart.

Step 8: Straighten

Wrap the two uncoiled pipe cleaners around the neck of the bottle. Twist off the ends to ensure the ears remain upright, and shape them to your liking.

Marvel at the charm of your new Easter decoration!