Martinelli’s Berry Bubbly Combines Sparkling Apple-Pomegranate with Prosecco and Festive Garnishes.

Watsonville, Calif., December 04, 2019 – For over 150 years Martinelli’s has been considered a quintessential holiday favorite for celebrations with friends and family. With close to a dozen flavor varieties, Martinelli’s is the perfect mixer for cocktails, mocktails and lower ABV (alcohol by volume) drinks.

A 2019 Nielsen research study revealed that almost 50% of alcohol drinkers say they are making efforts to reduce their alcohol consumption. That number is higher (about 66%) among 21-34 year olds. The trend is also apparent across social media, where health-related beverage ABV conversations have almost tripled. What’s fueling this shift? Consumers have health and wellness in mind and are seeking beverages that offer an experience rich in quality, flavor and presentation. They are increasingly drawn to interesting cocktail options they can sip and savor during the busy holiday season, versus ones that are heavy and make them feel like they have overindulged.

Martinelli’s Sparkling Ciders are a holiday favorite that many people grew up drinking at family gatherings that made them feel a part of the party. As consumers age and their consumption patterns shift, the company sees that people are drinking Martinelli’s in a variety of ways. They are drawn to the brand’s superior taste and premium quality, made from US-grown fresh apples that are picked, pressed and pasteurized.

Martinelli’s new easy-to-make cocktails marry its premium juices with America’s trendiest mixers: Prosecco, Whiskey, Ginger Beer and Cognac. Seasonally themed using fresh, festive garnishes, all the recipes can be adjusted to lower the ABV or to create alcohol-free mocktails to include everyone at the party.

Martinelli’s Berry Bubbly


  • 2 parts Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Pomegranate Cider, chilled
  • 3 parts Prosecco (or Champagne)
  • Blackberries, rosemary sprig and lime slice, for garnish


  • Pour Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Pomegranate Cider into flute
  • Add Prosecco (or Champagne)
  • Top with blackberries, rosemary and lime slice

Mocktail Option: Replace the Prosecco with sparkling water

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About S. Martinelli & Company

Family-owned and operated, S. Martinelli & Company has been producing Gold Medal premium quality sparkling cider and apple juice for over 150 years in Watsonville, California. Martinelli’s products are 100% juice, made from U.S. grown fresh apples and contain no added sweeteners or chemical preservatives. Its apple-shaped, champagne style glass bottles are iconic hallmarks of the brand. The company is led by fourth generation family member and Chairman, John Martinelli.

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