MG Timeline

  • 2012

    In need of storage following the fire, the company acquires the former Birds Eye Frozen Foods plant on Harvest Drive and a new line of products are introduced, including Classic Lemonade, Prickly Passion Lemonade, and Blood Orange. Read More
  • 2011

    Fire destroys the Apple Growers cold storage. Martinelli’s lost millions of dollars worth of apples and finished product. Read More
  • 2007

    S. John Martinelli becomes president of the Company. Read More
  • 2005

    The Sparkling Apple blend line is expanded to include Wild Berry, Raspberry, Cherry, Mango, Peach and Pear. Read More
  • 2002

    A new high speed sparkling line and large warehouse is added to the West Beach plant to triple capacity and keep up with growing demand. Read More
  • 1997

    A small sparkling cider line was assembled with used equipment to help build the business volume up in anticipation of the next major expansion. Apple-Grape is introduced to the sparkling apple juice product line. Read More
  • 1994

    The 285,000 square foot former Green Giant frozen food plant on West Beach Street is acquired, allowing the company’s warehousing and shipping operations to be consolidated. Read More
  • 1991

    As the first of the sparkling apple juice blends, Apple-Cranberry is introduced. Read More