MG Timeline

  • 1943

    A fire broke out in a nearby warehouse, destroying a large portion of Martinelli’s bottled cider before it could be shipped to grocers. Stephen C. Martinelli recalls the street in front of the warehouse being ankle-deep in their cider. Read More
  • 1941

    The United States enters WWII. As American men are sent overseas, women enter the workforce. Martinelli’s employs women to help run the factory, and some of these women were relatives to the Martinelli family. Alice, pictured on left, the daughter of Stephen G. Martinelli, Jr., shown bottling quarts of apple… Read More
  • 1937

    The Third Street plant is expanded for the growing Coca-Cola franchise bottling and distribution business and sparkling apple juice in 12-ounce bottles production. These products are run on the same bottling line. Read More
  • 1933

    The Unique Golden Apple bottle is created and advertised along with the slogan, “Drink your apple a day,” promoting a wholesome product. Read More
  • 1929

    The Great Depression begins, and people flock to theaters as a temporary escape. According to a 1929 article, Prohibition-era filmmakers used Sparkling Cider as a substitute for Champagne on set. Paramount, Warner Brothers, and Cecil B. Demille preferred the Gold Medal brand. Martinelli’s became the “Champagne of the movies.”… Read More
  • 1926

    According to the New York World, the U.S. Navy made Martinelli’s their drink of choice during Hawaiian operations. Read More
  • 1920

    Prohibition is in full effect. The 18th Amendment places a constitutional ban on all alcohol throughout the United States. The ban officially begins a new era for S. Martinelli & Company. Non-alcoholic cider becomes their new, front running product. Read More
  • 1918

    Stephen G. Martinelli, Jr. enlists in the military and is first stationed in Georgia. His father, Stephen G. Martinelli, suddenly passes away. Leask, Stephen G. Martinelli, Jr.’s brother, runs the business until he can return home. When WWI ends, Stephen G. Martinelli, Jr. takes over the business and brings the… Read More