MG Timeline

  • 1917

    Cities in California and Arizona begin “going dry” as a precursor to Prohibition. While in college, Professor Kruse of UC Berkeley assists Stephen in developing a pasteurization process to preserve unfermented apple juice in glass bottles, adapting a method used in the canning industry. First sales of the product begin… Read More
  • 1916

    Stephen G. Martinelli, Jr. enrolls at UC Berkeley as an architectural student. Read More
  • 1900

    The product line of Martinelli’s Cider and Soda Works includes: sarsaparilla (similar to root beer), Cream Soda, Ginger Ale, Lemon Soda, Raspberry Soda, Orange Champagne, and Gold Medal Cider. Orange Champagne is advertised in the Pajaronian, a historic local newspaper. Read More
  • 1890

    The original recipe for hard cider is awarded the first gold medal for excellence at the California State Faire in Sacramento. As the first of 50 gold medals, this led to the adoption of the brand trademark, “Martinelli’s Gold Medal.”… Read More
  • 1885

    Stephen moves the cider operation to a new plant on Third Street. Annual production is at 10-15,000 gallons. Read More
  • 1868

    Stephen introduces fermented apple cider made from apples grown on his brother’s farm. S. Martinelli & Company is founded. Read More
  • 1865

    Business picks up among the locals, and Stephen produces ginger ale and a patented Orange Champagne, known as a “delicious temperance drink.” He then starts to experiment with bottled fermented hard cider. Read More
  • 1861

    Stephano and Luigi Americanize their names to Stephen and Louis. Stephen starts a soda water business in a lean-to shed on his brother’s barn. Read More